The Importance of a Business Card – Small Business BC

October 3, 2020 By admin 0

Before the event of digital resources, business cards were practically the sole thanks to share business information with another person. Today, there are countless digital resources wont to share business information and stay connected to individuals and corporations . The emergence of smartphones made sharing information instantaneous at the purpose of contact nullifying the necessity to hold and exchange cards. there’s no arguing that staying organized and connected is simpler with digital tools like content management systems, marketing automation software, email marketing platforms and social media. As these digital resources are getting an industry standard within the business world, it raises the question: are business cards still relevant to staying connected?  Business Cards printing

While digital media platforms have made networking much easier, a well-crafted card are often a strong tool in person-to-person marketing and networking. Business cards are still the fastest, most accurate thanks to exchange information and therefore the physical interaction of exchanging them adds significant value when establishing a reference to another person. Vast advancements in printing technology have led to a good array of recent design elements that catch attention. The feel, style, weight, and overall aesthetics of a card can speak volumes on a company’s brand message without saying a word. during this article, we explore why business cards still hold great importance whilst the business world continues to evolve digitally.A card is that the first tangible impression of your business and remains a typical in business networking. The exchange of business cards remains powerful and more professional than exchanging information via smartphones. consistent with Kristopher Jones, CEO of, sending an email isn’t too informal, but business cards are much more professional to bring along to a face-to-face meeting.Emails can stray in spam, forgotten, or unintentionally deleted. Business cards are concrete and tactile – they leave within the hands, purse, pocket, or wallet of a replacement contact. Business cards remain the quickest and most effective thanks to exchange information and are acceptable in almost every business setting, eliminating the likelihood of an unprofessional appearance.Gone are the times of the Rolodex – keeping business cards during a physical file system are often messy and inefficient. due to advancements in digital resources, it’s more common to digitize the contact information provided on a card . Contact management systems (CMS) make it easy to arrange your contacts and fasten notes regarding specific information for that contact including how you connected, key details regarding their work, and plans on the way to follow up later.Marketing automation software creates a good easier thanks to store contacts, create email campaigns, and track data. Using these online tools will assist in creating a successful online follow-up, a requirement in today’s business environment. While exchanging business cards isn’t enough to remain connected, an email follow-up or a follow on social media has proven a contemporary requirement. consistent with Solomon Thimothy, CEO of OneIMS, “Today, you would like to attach through LinkedIn, have your own website with a web portfolio, and in fact , follow one another on social media” (Forbes). It is, arguably, tons easier driving new connections to online resources when their first impression may be a beautifully designed card that tells an eloquent story without an extended verbal narrative.